Golrang Pharmaceutical Investment(GPI) Human Capital Report


Golrang Industrial Group (GIG)

We and our colleagues at “Golrang Industrial Group” are working together by co-creating a dynamic economic complex in various areas of investment. In addition to the production of articles in the past years, in recent years we have entered the field of foreign investment and international exchanges which includes, among others, the cosmetics industry. We have formed Golrang Industrial Group by solely relying on the efforts of the private sector; Thereafter, by taking advantage from the entrepreneurial spirit and with the aim of improving the family lifestyle, we expanded our business up to the extent that until today, we have been able to establish more than 50 active brands and more than 80 companies which are active in the fields of production, commerce and services


Obtaining a superior position among prominent actors in the country’s medicine and health chain with an innovative, knowledge-oriented and extroverted approach through promoting competitive advantages and identifying existing opportunities and potentials to increase our role in the domestic market and actively enter international markets


Being among top 10 national pharmaceutical companies until 2025 and among 500 global pharmaceutical companies in the world until 2030  by relying on the following goals:

  • Participation in promoting the health of the international community
  • Production of new several specific APIs & Finished Dosage form medications in the field of Pharmaceutical products, Natural Cannabinoid & Opioid medications, Cosmeceuticals & also Nutraceutical Supplements every year;
  • Research and development of new technologies in the pharmaceutical industry;
  • Overtaking the digital competition of the global pharmaceutical industry
  • Work more closely with the global regulators
  • Collaborate with payers and providers to perform continuous trials with numerous service to deliver packages of care
  • Support and facilitate regional and international networking in documentation, formulation & scientific matters, in addition to supplying unique quality products at unrivaled prices (including different types of APIs & Finished Formulations)

Applying modern knowledge and new technologies to produce and distribute high-quality products in accordance with international standards in order to promote and improve the health of society and the satisfaction of customers and beneficiaries.

  • Excellence, innovation and quality
  • Honesty and trust in each other
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Paying attention to the wishes of the beneficiaries
  • Compliance with the principles of professional ethics

Faran Shimi Company,
Abian Pharmed Company,
Varian Pharmed Company.

Soroush Mana Pharmed Company,
Hasti Arya Shimi (Hita pharma)Company,
Faran SHimi Company

Faran Shimi Company,
Abian Pharmed Company,
Arian Salamat Sina Company,
Pharmed Salamat Sina Company,

Vanda Pharmed 
Abian Darou Company,
Faran Pharmed Company,
Smart Nutrition Taghzie Asan Company

Salamat Pakhsh Hasti Company

Faran Shimi Company,
Varian Pharmed Company.

Soroush Mana Pharmed Company

Engr. Ghasem Ali Ashofteh

CEO and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors

Engr. Mehrdad Vali Nejad

Financial and Economic Deputy

Dr. Mahdi Narimani

Vice President of Human Resources and Management Development

Dr. Yaser Movahedi

Vice President of Strategic Planning