Golrang Pharmaceutical Investment(GPI) Human Capital Report

Aban Darman Behbood

Aban Darman Behbood (ABAN) is a trading company that operates in the business field of medical supplies, instruments and equipment. As a subsidiary of Golrang Pharmaceutical Investment (GPI), ABAN plays an active role in the trading of both disposable and reusable medical devices such as novel surgical instruments, insulin pen needle and hemodialysis products. This firm expertise lies in importing, marketing and selling products with a primary emphasis on the Iranian market. Also, one of the most important upcoming plans of this company is the production and export of consumer medical products to other countries in the near future. With vast knowledge and experience in this industry, ABAN holds a strong belief that it will quickly secure a significant share in extensive medical devices market, which is continually witnessing rising demand. This company intends to import and distribute medical products of the top branding firms for the Iran and the Middle‌ East markets by conducting extensive and effective negotiations and interactions with international famous companies to fulfill the needs of market customers, including hospitals, pharmacies, physicians.