Golrang Pharmaceutical Investment(GPI) Human Capital Report

Ceremony of Valedictory and Induction of the New CEO of Abian Daru Company

As reported by the public relations department of GPI Co, on Saturday, May 20th, 2023, Dr. Sheibani was succeeded Dr. Shahbazi and was appointed as the new CEO of Abian Daru company which is one of the subsidiaries of Golrang company.

Mr. Ashofteh, CEO and vice chairman of the board of directors, Mr. valinejad, financial and economic deputy, Dr. Mehdi Narimani, chief human resources officer, and Dr. Movahedi, strategic planning deputy, attended the induction ceremony of Dr. Sheibani. In this ceremony, Mr. Ashofteh made wise remarks about the overall pharmaceutical policies of Golrang Pharmaceutical Group.

During this ceremony, Mr. Ashofteh appreciated the efforts of Dr. Shahbazi, the former CEO of Abian Daru company, and wished Abian Daru company success; and gave fatherly guidance about how to improve the function of the company and pharmaceutical strategic policies to increase production and enhance the quality of the pharmaceutical products. He also gave advice on how subsidiaries of Golrang Pharmaceutical family can enhance synergy.

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