Golrang Pharmaceutical Investment(GPI) Human Capital Report

Concluding a Memorandum of Understanding between GPI Co. and Sharif University of Technology

The public relations department of GPI Co. reported that on May 1st, 2023, in the headquarters of the company, Sharif University of Technology and Golrang Pharmaceutical Investment Company reached an agreement to have scientific and research cooperation Mr. Ashofteh, CEO, and the respected assistant managers of the company, and Dr. Hadadpour, research assistant in Sharif university and his entourage attended this meeting and in the end, a memorandum of understanding was concluded between them.

According to this memorandum of understanding and in order to achieve the goals of maintaining and improving the health of all the people, the two parties will cooperate with each other to establish the center of health and pharmaceutical innovations.

Moreover, upon signing this memorandum of understanding and for advancing the pharmaceutical industry in Iran, both parties agreed to do collaborative research and give each other practical help and moral support in innovative and technological activities.

Some other terms of this memorandum of understanding include: exchanging knowledge and information, educating human resources and recruiting required experts, supporting innovative research projects and theses.

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