Golrang Pharmaceutical Investment(GPI) Human Capital Report

Golrang Pharmaceutical Group Top Its Competitors on www.jobvision.ir

Golrang Pharmaceutical Investment Company was listed at the top of pharmaceutical companies based on the ranking of the most trustworthy job and recruitment Iranian website.

According to the Public Relations of Golrang Pharmaceutical Investment Company, more than 35,000 companies, including Golrang, Snapp, Irancell, Digikala, Kaleh, Unilever, Hyperstar, Middle East Bank, Alibaba Travel Company, Tapsi, etc., have posted their job vacancies on JobVision, the most reputable recruitment and employment website in Iran. Over 1.5 million job seekers have also used this website to search and find their desirable jobs. It is estimated that over 20,000 people were hired through JobVision in just 2021–2022. To better serve job seekers and employers, JobVision is the first website to use artificial intelligence in the recruitment and job search process.

As a result, Golrang Pharmaceutical Investment Company was ranked first in the pharmaceutical sector in this website’s ranking of the top companies.

Additionally, Golrang Pharmaceutical Group received the highest rating (5 stars) for popularity (based on the number of job seekers who visited its job vacancies), the number of resumes reviewed, and the interview experience of job seekers.

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