Golrang Pharmaceutical Investment(GPI) Human Capital Report

Holding GIG’s 20th anniversary exhibition with participation of GPI co.

The exhibition of Golrang Industrial Group’s achievements and products starts on December 10, 2023 at the Golrang Tower and continues until Friday, December 15. More than 100 companies and 150 brands are present in this exhibition with the aim of introducing the achievements of this Group.

In the opening ceremony of this exhibition, Dr. Mehdi Fazli, the CEO of Golrang Industrial Group and members of the group’s board of directors were present in order to see the latest achievements and products of the group’s subsidiaries.

Dr. Fazli, while congratulating the founding anniversary of Golrang Industrial Group to each and every member of this family, wished for the success of subsidiary in their industrial fields to conquer the peaks of achievement around the world.

Golrang pharmaceutical group also presented its achievements and products to the participants with a worthy presence in this exhibition while responding to the audience and visitors.

During the visit of the CEO of GIG to the booth of Golrang Pharmaceutical Group, the CEO of GPI explained the activities carried out and the future plans of the pharmaceutical group. Dr. Fazli, while expressing his satisfaction with the fruitful efforts of the pharmaceutical group, emphasized the continued efforts of young pharmaceutical scientists working in the companies under GPI to acquire the latest technical knowledge of drug production and gaining a greater share of the country’s pharmaceutical market.

Golrang pharmaceutical Investment company congratulates all the members of the GIG, especially the respected colleagues of the Golrang Pharmaceutical Group, on the anniversary of the establishment of the Golrang Industrial Group.

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