Golrang Pharmaceutical Investment(GPI) Human Capital Report

Inauguration of Abian Daro factory in Vian industrial town located in Hamadan province

The opening ceremony of Abyan Daru factory was held on Wednesday 7th of February 2024 in the industrial town of Vian located in Hamedan province in Kabudarahang city.

Abyan Daru is one of the subsidiary companies of Golrang Pharmaceutical Group, which with the opening of this factory will lead to an increase in its share in the Iran’s medicinal supply, and also by creating jobs for 200 people directly and 100 people indirectly, it will help employment in the country.

This ceremony was held in the presence of the governor of Hamedan province, the deputy minister of Industry and the head of the consumer and producer support organization, as well as the general director of natural, traditional and complementary products affairs of the Food and Drug Organization and the general director of mining and trade of Hamedan province.

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