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Faran Shimi Pharmaceutical Company Support the 16th Addiction Science Congress as the Main Financial Sponsor

The 16th Addiction Science Congress will be held on September 20-22, 2023, at the Razi International Conference Center of the Iran University of Medical Sciences, with the slogan “Towards interdisciplinary approaches to addiction recognition and intervention”.

It is a great honor for Faran Shimi Pharmaceutical Company to participate in this congress as the main financial sponsor to emphasize the social responsibility of improving the quality of life of our society.

The chairman, the scientific secretary, the executive secretary, and the retraining secretary of this congress are Dr. Mohammadtaqi Joghataei, Dr. Reza Daneshmand, Mr. Bahrouz Meshkini Tehrani, and Dr. Nooshin Ahmadirad, respectively. This congress provides another opportunity for all activists and operators of this field, including high-ranking decision-makers and officials from universities, governmental and non-governmental organizations, research teams, students, therapists, and self-help groups, to share and discuss the most recent scientific discoveries and achievements in this field.

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