Golrang Pharmaceutical Investment(GPI) Human Capital Report

Holding the first sports Olympiad of Gulrang industrial group employees with the presence of GPI

According to report of PR department, the first sports Olympiad of Golrang Industrial Group employees with the presence of Golrang Pharmaceutical Group and 7 other teams from the subsidiary companies of the industrial group was held on October 31 till November 10, 2023 at Enghelab Cultural and Sports Complex.

the Opening the first Sports Olympiadof GIG, Dr. Fazli, the CEO of Golrang Industrial Group expressed that he considers the goal of holding this event to be rejuvenation and refreshment for the members of the Golrang Industrial Group and emphasized to the group’s managers that the expansion of sports culture guarantees the health of  Golrang family, which they should be pay special attention to it.

He also expressed that this sports event should not be limited to the employees of the group and from the coming years, the families of the colleagues of the group will also participate in sports competitions along with the employees.

Golrang Pharmaceutical Group participated in this Olympiad in sport fields of football, volleyball, dodgeball, individual and team table tennis, chess, karate, badminton and track and field for men and women.

Golrang Pharmaceutical Group took part in this sports event with regard to its duty to maintain and promote the health of the community members as well as the importance it gives to the physical and mental health of its employees. In addition to this event, there are other programs in progress according to HSE criteria and standards to maintain and improve the health of members of Golrang pharmaceutical group.

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